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Imagine if applications could be improved directly from their user interface.

Patent-pending technologies by Userware make this "wiki-like development" concept possible.


The first web OS that is developed like a wiki.

With its online development environment, it makes it easy to add new features and to build upon other people's work.

Wiki-OS.org completely redefines the open-source experience.

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Userware API
(for software companies)

Userware API lets you embed a custom-tailored development environment into your software application, so that your customers can instantly customize your application and collaboratively enhance it from any computer where the application is installed.

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Userware for Office beta
(for enterprises)

Imagine if add-ins could be developed directly from within Microsoft Office and shared throughout the enterprise with just one click.

Userware for Office brings Userware technologies to the Enterprise and pushes Microsoft Office to a whole new level.

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