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Olympus Farmer

Have you ever wondered how life on Mount Olympus could look like? Would you like to discover it? You can have a foresight of it by becoming the architect of a new Mount Olympus! The Gods of Mount Olympus ask you to take command and to build them a new place to live! But be warned, they are capricious and they will make requests one after another! Gather products and sell them to build new buildings which will give you access to new recipes. If you handle it well enough, you might even take part in their daily life! So hurry up and make Mount Olympus more beautiful than it ever was!


This game can be downloaded from the Windows Store (click here).

 Download from Windows Store



Screenshot of application by Userware

Screenshot1: Create a wonderful Mount Olympus!

Screenshot of application by Userware

Screenshot2: Take care of your animals!

Screenshot of application by Userware

Screenshot3: Get help at the beginning to complete your quests.

Screenshot of application by Userware

Screenshot4: Start with a humble Mount Olympus.

Screenshot of application by Userware

Screenshot5: Buy seeds and other elements in the shop.


  • Learn while playing : Quest are directly linked to the greek mythology
  • Plant incredible flowers and trees
  • Take care of mythological animals
  • Sell your productions to earn money
  • Make divine recipes to earn even more money
  • Buy terrains to have more place


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