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XLS Editor - for Windows 8

XLS Editor lets you create, view, edit, and save Excel files (XLS / XLSX) on Windows 8.


 This application can be downloaded from the Windows Store (click here).

 Download from Windows Store


Screenshot of application by Userware

Screenshot1: XLS Editor lets you create, view, edit, and save Excel spreadsheets (XLS/XLSX).


  • Compatible with Excel files (XLS and XLSX).
  • Print, Sort, Copy/Paste, Clear, Insert/delete rows/columns...
  • Formatting: currency, percentage, bold, italic, font size, alignment, word wrap...
  • Supports formulas
  • Built-in touch-based calculator for doing quick calculations
  • Works great with both touch and non-touch devices
  • Open password-protected files
  • View charts of the following types: clustered column, stacked column, line, scatter, scatter with smooth lines
  • View Rich Text Formatting
  • Fast and fluid. Zoom in / zoom out with your fingers or with Ctrl+MouseWheel.


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