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About us

Company overview:

Userware is a software company founded in 2007 by two experts in Microsoft technologies. It originally gained popularity for consumer apps such as XLS Editor (#1 Paid Productivity App of the Windows Store in 2014), and WikiOS.org, a patent-pending online operating system made in Silverlight that could be enhanced Wiki-style by users thanks to an online development environment.

Our latest products include OpenSilver (a Silverlight replacement for the modern web), XAML for Blazor (use XAML to build UI in your Blazor app), and XR# (make 3D apps in .NET, C# & XAML, for Web & VR/AR).

Actively Developed Products:

  • OpenSilver: An open-source reimplementation of Silverlight that runs on current browsers via WebAssembly.
  • XAML for Blazor: Use XAML to build UI in your Blazor app.
  • XR#: Make 3D apps in .NET, C# & XAML, for Web & VR/AR.

Other Products and services:

  • CSHTML5: Compile C# and XAML into HTML and JavaScript.
  • XLS Editor (Windows 8): Create, view, edit, and save Excel files (XLS / XLSX) on Windows 8 devices.
  • Other Windows 8 apps and games: Olympus Farmer (free simulation game), To-Do List, Task Robot, Creazy Beavers' Island...
  • Wiki-OS: The first web OS that is developed like a wiki. With its online development environment, it makes it easy to add new features and to build upon other people's work. Wiki-OS.org completely redefines the open-source experience. Made in Silverlight.
  • Other "User-Generated Software" solutions: Userware API and Userware for Office. We apply the principles of wiki to software applications, so that both developers and end-users can enhance an application directly from within the application itself
  • Professional services:  We provide top of the line professional services in application and game development (including development of touch-optimized Windows 8 applications, WPF applications, Silverlight applications, and more). We also excel in providing consulting services and training courses around Microsoft technologies. Please contact us for more information.