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Wiki-OS.org - reinventing open source

The first web OS that is developed like a wiki.

With its online development environment, it makes it easy to add new features and to build upon other people's work.

Wiki-OS.org completely redefines the open-source experience.

Who is concerned?

Casual developers and open-source developers

What problems does Wiki-OS.org solve?

Today, creating an open-source application and maintaining it is very time-consuming. It requires to:

  • publish the latest source code to your website every time that a change is made
  • manually merge the contributions of all the contributors and create/publish a new build

Furthermore, contributing to existing open-source applications is also troublesome. It requires the contributor to:

  • find the source code,
  • get the development tools and SDK's
  • get the referenced libraries of the right version
  • find the contact of the person to whom to submit the changes,
  • submit the changes,
  • wait for the project administrators to merge the code and to publish the merged code
  • wait for the project administrators to create a new build and to publish it

In some cases it is faster to rewrite an application from scratch than to contribute to an existing application.

What does Wiki-OS.org do?

Wiki-OS makes contributing to an open-source project as easy and fun as contributing to a wiki:

How Wiki-OS works