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Main features:

  • A start menu lets you launch applications without installation
  • See how applications work by clicking their Edit Source button
  • Develop new applications right away from the browser
  • Mac OS users can write C# / .NET / Silverlight applications without a PC
  • Start developing an application and then let the community finish it
  • Copy/paste source code from other apps or quickly reuse components
  • Share applications by embedding them into web pages


Access your applications and data from any computer

Wiki-OS simulates an operating system inside your web browser. It lets you to launch rich-client applications without installation and access your data from any computer connected to the Internet. Applications are executed in a sandbox that securely isolates them from the rest, so that your computer is always protected.

Wiki-OS.org screenshot (silverlight version)

Embed applications on your website or blog.

Similarly to how you can put a YouTube video on a website or blog, you can put a Wiki-OS application inside any web page. Just click the "embed" button at the top-right corner of any application and copy/paste the code snippet.

Wiki-OS.org screenshot (Silverlight version)

Collaboratively develop applications using the online development environment

Wiki-OS includes all the tools to get started writing Silverlight and .NET applications in seconds. It provides a built-in source control to work collaboratively. The code editor supports C# 4.0 and provides syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and an easy-to-use User Interface designer.

Wiki-OS.org screenshot (Silverlight version)

Deploying an application is as simple as sharing a URL

Just append the name of a project and a class to the Wiki-OS.org address and you have a direct link (e.g. www.wiki-os.org/CalculatorProject/Calculator to launch the calculator).

Contribute to applications as easily as a wiki

Wiki-OS includes patent-pending technologies by Userware to make contributing to an application as easy as modifying an article of a wiki.

How Wiki-OS works

(the screenshots in the diagram above are taken from the WPF-based version of Wiki-OS.org)

Wiki-OS is currently available in two versions:
  • Silverlight-based version (enter): this is the recommended version of Wiki-OS. It is cross-platform PC and Mac (Linux soon). It provides unique features such as the ability to embed applications into web pages.
  • WPF-based version (enter): this version allows launching and developing full-featured rich-client applications that leverage the power of the .NET Framework 3.0+, including hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. No installation is required on IE under Vista and Win 7.