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Is Wiki-OS.org really open-source?

Most user-generated code and most applications running on Wiki-OS.org are open-source, including the desktop, the window manager, the code editor, and all the tools and applications that run on the client. They are distributed under the very permissive MIT License (except where otherwise noted on portions of the source code itself), which allows for both commercial and non-commercial use, as well as for reuse in other open-source projects.

Where can I download the source from?

You can download the source code directly from within Wiki-OS.

Step-by-step guide:

To download the source code, simply log into Wiki-OS.org, click "Applications", click "Edit Project", choose a project, and then copy the code.

For example, the desktop, the window manager, and the taskbar of the Silverlight-based version of Wiki-OS are all located in the project named "DesktopProject". If you need help finding where a class is located, please feel free to drop us a message and we will help you find it.

An alternative way to download the source code of an application is to click the "Edit Source" button that is located at the top-right corner of any window of that application. You will instantly see all the project classes as well as the referenced projects.

We currently do not provide a single ZIP file with all the source code of all the applications of wiki-os grouped into a single file because the code is constantly evolving and it would not be consistent with the "wiki" philosophy that encourages people to modify the source code directly from within an application (in the same way that you will not find a .DOC file with all the articles of Wikipedia grouped into a single file). However, please feel free to contact us if you have any such particular needs.