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Wiki-OS Enterprise

What is Wiki-OS Enterprise?

Wiki-OS Enterprise is a solution that lets you quickly and easily install the full Wiki-OS.org on your own servers.

In addition to the open-source applications of Wiki-OS.org (which source code is freely available), Wiki-OS Enterprise comes with the patent-pending Userware compiler that provides the original wiki-like development and deployment experience. With it, any authorized user in your enterprise can instantly customize or extend Wiki-OS and its applications. New applications and updates can be instantly deployed throughout the enterprise (and beyond) and made available to all users, without installation.

Wiki-OS Enterprise also provides additional features such as the ability to completely customize the user experience, to expand the server with custom web services, to change the users permissions and privileges, and much more.

An easy-to-use installer takes care of all the steps to have Wiki-OS up and running from your own servers in minutes.

Try it out (free)

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We usually respond within 48 hours.