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Business benefits

What are the business benefits?

  • Increase the business responsiveness of your company:
    • by reducing to 0 seconds the time between the moment a developer makes a change to some source code and the moment that the change is reflected on everyone's Office document
    • by allowing developers to make changes directly from any end-user workstation (instead of going back and forth between a development computer and an end-user computer)
  • Increase the productivity of your employees:
    • by not forcing employees to restart Office every time that an Add-In is updated
    • by having old versions of Add-Ins transparently replaced with newer ones
    • by allowing employees to browse a list of all the Add-Ins available in the company and to try them out right away without installation
  • Increase the productivity of your developers:
    • by giving them the ability to debug Add-Ins directly from the workstation of an end-user, and, from there, to propagate the fix to all the other users
    • by giving them the ability to modify the source code of an Add-In while the Add-In is still running and see the result in real-time
    • by replacing VBA with a more modern and powerful programming language such as .NET
  • Increase the security of your company:
    • by deciding who in the company has the right to execute which Add-Ins
    • by keeping track of who modified the source code of which Add-Ins and when
  • Cut costs:
    • by not purchasing a development environment for developing Add-Ins for Office
    • by not purchasing a deployment system